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Femme Fatale is a brand inspired by and for


Femme Fatale is a family brand…

Founded by three women from three different generations who, having in common their origins and taste for fashion, have wanted to take risks and propose clothing and accessories that enhance the beauty of women, using fabrics that do not hide or disguise their bodies, but rather shows it as it is.

Together we have created this project with the mission of empowering women and helping them feel beautiful and sexy regardless of age.

We want to free women from the mythical “what will they say”

Through our clothes, daring to expose their bodies in a proud and natural way.

Everything is in the image you have of yourself! Although, being sexy is not 100% related to the clothes you wear or your style, this part of you can help you express that sensuality that is inside you. That’s why at Femme Fatale we bring our designs to you so you can highlight the Sexy Femme in you.

Social responsibility

We donate a portion of our profits to foundations that help female mothers who are heads of households by developing, promoting and encouraging projects that contribute to their economic, personal and social improvement.


We use environmentally friendly materials and production methods whenever possible. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

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