Nipple covers

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Self-adhesive, reusable, soft silicone nipple covers. They cover a wide area of the breasts and the best feature is that they leave no marks! They are virtually invisible and Ideal to wear our tops and dresses with rhinestones.

Material: 91% silicone, 9% polyurethane
Elasticity: Non-Elastic
Care: Remove the plastic protector and apply the nipple cover to clean, dry skin. Clean the nipple cover gently with soap and warm water after each use.
Its adhesive effect will be reduced by perspiration, the use of moisturizing creams, perfumes, or other cosmetics.
Colors: Apricot, Brown, and Beige. The color may vary due to the lighting of the images. Product images (without model) are the closest to the actual color of the product.
Measurement: Diameter 2.4”

WARNING: The Nipple Cover should not be used on sensitive skin, sunburn and/or wounds. Do not use it for long periods of time. Do not leave more than 6 hours in a row on the skin. If irritation or rash occurs, discontinue use of this product.

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Apricot, Brown, Dark Beige, Light Beige

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